Slightly Different Stairs Ideas

These slightly unusual stair ideas will surely surprise you. In this post, you will see some different designs for stairs that will tickle your curiosity and imagination. If you would like to have a more unique home, you can easily experiment with staircases such as these and make them the centerpiece of your home. By […]

Quantity Of Sand | Quantity Of Cement In A Brick Wall

This construction video provides some useful guidance for estimating the number of bricks, quantity of sand and quantity of cement in a brick wall. Here, you have to make assumptions on the following components :- Mortar ratio is taken as 1:6 i.e. one part cement and 6 part sand. The density of mortar is taken […]

Concrete Mix Design | Concrete Grade | Quantity Of Cement

Concrete mix design can be described as the method for choosing the perfect components of concrete as well as the relative proportions of concrete mix according to the ratios of cement, sand and coarse aggregates so as to form concrete of specific minimum strength and longevity as cost effectively as possible. The concrete mix design proportions are demonstrated with volume […]

Methods Of Levelling | Levelling Surveying Methods | Uses Of Levelling

Levelling is a division of surveying. Levelling belongs to the art of defining and demonstrating the proportionate heights or elevations of different points on the surface of earth. It is carried out for the following purposes:- i) To determine the elevations of specified points regarding a certain or anticipated datum ii) To settle points at a certain […]

Calculation Procedure For Quantity Of Concrete Volume Of Staircase

We all know that manual method for something is quite time-consuming and not that easy to perform in some cases of calculation. Here in this informative tutorial you can watch the calculation process to determine the quantity of concrete volume of staircase. This tutorial generally comes in two different ways. The first one is the […]

Engineering Drawing | Scale Drawing In Civil Engineering

Sami Ullah, the renowned engineer, presents this useful video for civil engineering students. In this construction video, you will learn how to produce a scale drawing in civil engineering. In civil engineering, scale signifies the proportion or ratio among the dimensions chosen for the drawing and the related dimensions of the object. Representing scales: The […]