Long Wall Short Wall Method For Building Estimation

This construction video is recorded on the topic of long wall and short wall method. Both the methods are useful for load bearing structures. These methods can be used to make the estimate of the whole building as per planning. This video tutorial is based on a sample building plan. Long wall – short wall […]

Elements Of a Building

Every family needs a building to reside. Apart from residential purposes buildings are required for educational, institutional, business, assembly and for industrial purposes. Buildings are required for the storage of materials also. In this article basic requirements of buildings are presented and then planning of the building with respect to orientation, utility of space, energy efficiency […]

Residential Building Regular Room Dimensions and Appropriate Placements

Regular dimension of rooms are important in every home planning and when the time comes to arranging the interior (Residential Building Regular Room Dimensions and Appropriate Placements).  Residential building have some standards that need to be accomplished so the interior is functional. The appropriate placements is also very important so every room will be complete […]

Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEB)

Pre-engineered buildings are buildings that are built in factories and are made of steel that are shipped to site and bolted together. PEB (Pre-engineered Building) revolution the construction market using built up sections in place of conventional hot rolled sections. A large column free area is the utmost requirement for any type of industry which […]

Important Swimming Pool Design Tips You May Find Helpful

Having a swimming pool in your yard is a dream point of the house for many homeowners (Important Swimming Pool Design Tips You May Find Helpful). That is something that can relax you and give you the pleasure of enjoying the sun close to the water for fast refreshment. But, it is a satisfaction that […]