Bending Moment Presented in a Video which Explain it Very Well

Bending moment is a category in the engineering meaning a subsitute for a force. Actually, the bending moment is not only in the engineering, but also in many situations in life present. A bending moment by definition is the reaction induced in a structural element when an external force or moment is applied to the element […]

How To Design Rectangular Beam – Step By Step Tutorial

In this tutorial session we will be learning the design process of a rectangular beam. Basically the main task that is associated with a structural engineer is the analysis and design of structures. There are two approaches available of design and analysis as follows: Design of a section : It indicates that the external ultimate […]

Rafters vs Trusses – Difference Between Rafter and Truss

Rafters and trusses are not same and there are many differences between these two. As there are confusions on rafters and trusses, we decided to cover this topic in this post. Rafters The quality of Rafters is the same as the quality of Trusses unless you have decided to opt for an exposed rafter look, otherwise the results […]