Installation of Floor Hydraulic for Perfect Plumbing Conditions

Floor hydraulic installation is a project where the pipes positioning is very important and brings enough savings of time (Installation of Floor Hydraulic for Perfect Plumbing Conditions). Before making the floor, place the sewer pipes in the bathroom and kitchen with the waits for the drains. Fit the pipes with lean concrete. Do not forget […]

The Ways of making a Soundproof Floor

In internal concrete and wood floors the resistance to sound transmission is achieved by several ways(The Ways of making a Soundproof Floor). First is the mass of the floor, applying sound-insulating material at some point of manufacture, and the formation of voids between a heavy element of construction (e.g., concrete slab) and a thin and […]

Metallic Epoxy Floor for Shiny Moments at Home with Less Effort

Metallic epoxy floor is a wonderful idea for any owner who love shiny and luxury interior. Having luxury in your home doesn’t have to mean that you should buy only expensive details and furniture. It doesn’t even mean that you have to have gold handles on your kitchen or crystal vases in the corners, or […]