Installation of Floor Hydraulic for Perfect Plumbing Conditions

Floor hydraulic installation is a project where the pipes positioning is very important and brings enough savings of time (Installation of Floor Hydraulic for Perfect Plumbing Conditions). Before making the floor, place the sewer pipes in the bathroom and kitchen with the waits for the drains. Fit the pipes with lean concrete. Do not forget […]

Plumbing Installations, Schemes and All the Plumber Plans

Plumbing and piping plan is what the plumber needs and clearly shows the location of fixtures, pipes, and valves. When people are designing a house or a building they need to take consideration of the factors connected with this. This is usually a job of an engineer and professionals. A good plumbing and piping plan […]

Sanitary Installation – Height of “Distribution Pipes”

Many problems occur with the water pipes and many people trying to fix those problems are making greater mess (Sanitary Installation – Height of “Distribution Pipes”). Water distribution pipes are the pipes that run horizontally in the projects, feeding each of the artifacts. The images bellow are showing some basic errors that happen with those pipes […]