How To Build A Large Outdoor Staircase

This video presents a great tutorial for building a large outdoor staircase which is proudly presented by April Wilkerson. This video lets every construction experts allow to construct a staircase. Watch the detailed process below: For more interactive tutorials please visit

Design of Stairs – Video Tutorial

1) How to find out riser in Staircase 2) How to find out NOs of Tread in Staircase Nos of Riser = Total Hight of wall / Flight / Hight of Riser Nos of Treads = Total Nos of Risers – 1 For the comfortable staircase we have to take the angel from 25 to […]

Basic things you should know about Bill Of Quantity (BOQ)

BILLS OF QUANTITIES (BOQ) The survival of any business is heavily depend on the success of commercial management. When it comes to commercial management in construction industry, Bill of Quantities (BOQ) is the term which brings attention of every construction professionals and stakeholders. It is one of the communication tool which connects the parties (Client, […]

How To Arrange Bar Bending Schedule For RCC Beams

This construction video tutorial is based on BAR BENDING SCHEDULE FOR RCC BEAM. From bar bending schedule, one can get the reinforcement calculation for reinforced concrete beam. It gives us details of reinforcement cutting length, type of bends and bend length.   In this construction video, solution is given for two beams having spans of […]

What is a Survey and What is a Site Plan ‘They are Not the Same’

A Survey is required for All Construction Projects. A Survey will have the Building Perimeter Dimensions, the Distances from the Building to the Property Lines, Easements (utilities, such as, water, gas, electric & sewer), North Arrow, Dimensions of the Property. It will have a Legal Description and the Owners Name and Address of the Property. […]

Long Wall Short Wall Method For Building Estimation

This construction video is recorded on the topic of long wall and short wall method. Both the methods are useful for load bearing structures. These methods can be used to make the estimate of the whole building as per planning. This video tutorial is based on a sample building plan. Long wall – short wall […]

Derivation of area of circle

This construction video will provide brief information on the formula derivation toward circle area. To estimate the area of a circle, the formula A=(πR^2) is applied. You will gather knowledge on the origin of the formula and the importance of it.   Here π stands for the ratio of the diameter of a circle to […]

Tracking Blocks – Pretty Interesting Wall and Facade Solution

Tracking blocks is something that would change your wall finish concept in general! Actually we found these images presenting small blocks installed to the wall facade by tracks and special joints. The concept is very interesting, revolutionary and shows the new type of finishing the facade.   Tracking Blocks for New Kind of Facade Even […]

How to measure the quantity of steel for RCC slabs

This construction video will provide a tried and tested method on how to measure steel quantity with any dimension in RCC slabs in a building. Here, an easy-to-follow formula is given to measure the length and weight of all the steel bars. For a rectangular slab, the formula for finding out the volume will be […]

Download And Access Concrete Design Excel Sheets

Are you facing any sort of trouble to design structural elements? You have not any kind of software to resolve the issue? Or you are unable to afford commercial software for design? Then you are at the right place at the moment by reading this article as this is going to share some excel sheets […]