Advantages Of CAD Blocks

CAD blocks are named objects or groups of objects that perform as a single 2D or 3D object. It is useful for producing repeated CAD content such as drawing symbols, common elements, and standard details. Here are some of the vital benefits of CAD blocks described below in a nutshell. Lessen Repetitive Tasks CAD Blocks […]

Column Layout for a Residence

Column Layout for a residence The residential villa comprises of 1 and half floors. Initially, the column size 9″x12″ had been used with the use of M15 grade of concrete. The builder wanted to save on his budget by making the columns smaller in size. That is why, the columns in the Floor plans below […]

House construction cost calculator

  This exclusive video tutorial is presented by Patrick Henderson. In this video to shows how to you can calculate perfect estimate for your home construction in just few clicks. Download Home Cost Estimator for Excel  

How to design a 20 feet long simple supported beam

Under this construction video tutorial, one can gather brief knowledge on how to design a singly reinforced concrete beam section in seven useful steps. The video is based on providing a solution to a problem like designing a 20 feet long simply supported beam to withstand dead load (self load is already acquired) of 1.5 […]

Types of pile foundations and their usages

There exist three types of construction piles foundations which range from driven piles, Cast-in-situ piles and Driven and cast-in-situ piles. Driven Pile Foundations: Driven pile foundations are formed with concrete, steel or timber. These piles have to pass through prefabrication process prior to set up at the construction site. Driven piles are known as concrete […]

How to estimate material for spherical domes or sloped slab

In this construction video tutorial, learn the detailed process for computing materials toward domes or sloped slab specifically toward half spherical domes and segmental domes. The tutorial will be very useful for quantity surveyors. The tutorial focuses on the following points For making estimation of hollow sphere, the formula for finding out the sphere volume […]

How to use method of joints for perfect truss analysis

This construction video tutorial is based on method of joint required for perfect truss analysis. (detect forces in various members of truss).   Trusses belong to structures which are extensively applied in various civil engineering applications like bridges, steel buildings and roof structures.   The method of joints is the most recognized process to discover […]


A number of different design methods have been used for reinforced concrete construction. The three most common are working-stress design, ultimate-strength design, and strength design method. Each method has its backers and supporters. For actual designs the latest edition of the ACI Code should be consulted. Beams Concrete beams may be considered to be of […]

Elements Of a Building

Every family needs a building to reside. Apart from residential purposes buildings are required for educational, institutional, business, assembly and for industrial purposes. Buildings are required for the storage of materials also. In this article basic requirements of buildings are presented and then planning of the building with respect to orientation, utility of space, energy efficiency […]