How To Calculate Slope In Concrete Slab | Rise And Run Formula

In this construction video tutorial, Mukesh Shah from learning technology, provides some useful technical information on how to make estimation of slope in structural and architectural drawing in construction site. Suppose the slope gradient for a slab is taken as 1:200. Now, you have to estimate the slope. Just put 1000 in place of 1. […]

De-Shuttering Of Formwork OR Formwork Removal Time

DE-SHUTTERING OF CONCRETE. In this Article I will show you that what is the formwork removal time Or De-shuttering of formwork in detail. briefly explains the process required for de-shuttering of formwork as well as the time period to remove the formwork from column, walls, beam, slab, staircase, foundation footing etc. The removal of concrete […]


In this construction article i will teach you the different types of cement and their uses in construction works. Because for different construction works we used  different type of cement, therefore its depend on the construion works. Types of Cement and the uses.  RAPID HARDENING CEMENT  SULFATE RESISTING CEMENT  HYDROPHOBIC CEMENT  PORTLAND BLAST FURNACE CEMENT […]

Top Down Construction

Top Down Construction are commonly used in congested areas. These can be installed in close proximity to existing structure with minimal loss of support to existing foundations. In addition, construction dewatering is not required, so there is no associated subsidence. Top Down Construction are practically suited in the construction of deep basements , Metro Railway […]

Drawing Study for Septic Tank

This construction video tutorial presented by Sami Ullah, the renowned civil engineer, will guide you to how to drawing study for septic tank. Plan of Septic Tank – We have taken the scale – ¼ inch = 1 feet. The length of the septic tank is 10 feet and 3 inches. The breadth of the […]

Bearing Capacity of different types of soil

WHAT IS BEARING CAPACITY OF SOIL? In Civil Engineering Bearing Capacity is the capacity of soil which support the applied the load safely to the ground. DIFFERENT TYPES OF SOIL BEARING CAPACITY IN KG/M2 Different types of soil and their Bearing capacit in kg/m2 1: Sand Clay Mixture  = 15000 kg/m2 2: Black Cotton Soil  […]

How To Find Sump And Tank Capacity | Sump And Tank Volume Calculator

In this construction article, you will learn the detailed process for determining the capacity of Sump/Tank or the quantity of water to be preserved in the tank/sump. For this purpose, initially, one should require length, width and depth of your sump/tank in feet. Now, multiply the length, width and depth of the sump to determine […]

OPC Vs. PPC | Definition Of Cement | Construction Materials For Building Industries

Construction materials play an important role in building industries. Now-a-day, high-rise structures are frequently constructed in different countries. This becomes possible due to technological advancements specifically in the formation of concrete. The concrete is produced by cement. Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) and Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) are mostly recognized all through the globe. Ordinary Portland […]

Different Types Of Bridges | List Of Bridge Types | Bridge Construction

In this construction article, one can get useful information on mostly used fixed (non-movable) bridge types. Generally, the bridges are categorized on the basis of the following four main factors. a. span (simple, continuous, cantilever), b. material (stone, concrete, metal, etc.), c. lacement of the travel surface in relation to the structure (deck, pony, through), […]