Types Of Beam | Beam Definition | Types Of Supports

Normally beams stand for horizontal structural members which transmit loads horizontally along their length to the supports where the loads are generally transformed into vertical forces. The objective of beams is to withstand vertical loads, shear forces and bending moments. Depending on the types of supports, the following types of beams are available:- 1. Simply Supported […]

Difference between Plastering and Pointing

In this content, we are going to show the difference between plastering and pointing. Plastering is used to protect the exposed surface of masonry. However, in pointing only joints are properly filled with mortar. Cement, sand and lime are used in plastering. In pointing, we use just cement mortar. The plastering is done at both […]

Blueprints Symbols in Architecture

Blueprints symbols in architecture are a must if you want to make a complete architectural, plumbing or electrical plan. Usually, there are the most important symbols like the doors, the windows, the stairs and the rest of the elements like sinks, refrigerators, bathroom elements and else. Then, there are the electrical symbols that are signed […]

Total Station Advantages, Disadvantages And Precaution

Introduction To Total Station The main instrument for surveyors on site today is the “total station”. A total station is a combination of an electronic theodolite, an electronic distance measuring device (EDM) and a micro processor with memory unit. This combination makes possible to determine the coordinates of a reflector aligning the instruments cross hairs […]

Calculation of Cement, Sand Quantity for Plastering

Calculation of Cement, Sand Quantity for Plastering How Much Cement, Sand And Water Is Required For 12mm Thick Plastering? Plastering is done on the walls to remove surface imperfections, maintain line level and alignment. In addition to that it also acts as a protective surface for external walls. Cement plaster, Gypsum plaster and Lime plaster […]

Tape Measure Uses | How To Measure An Angle With A Measure Tape

In the following construction video tutorial, SL Khan, the renowned civil engineer, provides some useful tips to determine the angle with the measuring tape. Various professionals like to perform instant & perfect measurements. In case you are an engineer, surveyor, designer, architect, realtor, contractor, construction worker, estimator, or in another profession, an inappropriate measurement can […]

Concrete Test | Factor Affecting Workability Of Concrete

The strength & longevity as well as the cost of labor and look of the finished product is greatly impacted by the workability of concrete. The concrete can provide better functionality, if it is easily positioned and compacted consistently devoid of bleeding or Segregation. The concrete that is not in good working condition should be […]

Civil Formulas App | Civil Engineering Formulas | Civil Construction Apps

Civil formulas is a useful free app for civil engineers and construction professionals. This app supports various mechanics formulas like force, Varignon, Bucking, deflection angle, deflection. This app is available in google play store. This app is developed by Jinseon, the renowned android apps developer. The civil engineers can use this app for analysis, design, […]