Definition of stretcher bond and header bond in brickwork

Given below various types of bonds generally found in brick work. Stretcher bond Header bond Facing bond English bond Flemish bond Dutch bond English cross bond Brick on edge bond Raking bond Zigzag bond Garden wall bond Definition of a Stretcher Bond To develop stretcher bond, bricks are placed horizontally like stretchers on the faces […]

How to find out the volume of a hollow column

In this construction video tutorial, one can learn the quick process to estimate the volume of a hollow column in jobsite. Given below, the dimension of the section plan :- The height of the column is taken as 3 meter Outer radius from center of the column is taken as R = 0.6 m = […]

Construction Cost to calculate using Excel

Construction Cost to compute through Excel for cost loaded schedules comprising labor and materials. Perhaps you are an Excel expert or perhaps you are simply searching to work out how to perform your task perfectly. Excel is an extremely influential facility in every business, and in construction it can have importance. Costs of construction projects […]

Steps and Examples of Concrete Mix Design

Concrete mix design is the method in which the correct components of concrete and its respective amounts are chosen in a way so that the concrete can provide the needed strength, durability and toughness. The overall performance of the concrete mix design relies on its two characteristics: plastic and hardened status. Plastic concrete mix design […]

How To Calculate Elongation Of Steel | Percentage Elongation Of Steel

This tutorial is based on the PERCENTAGE ELONGATION FORMULA delivered by the eminent civil engineer SL Khan. Topics Covered in this tutorial Finding out the elongation of bar after the application of adequate load The elongation of a steel rod under a specific load. Formula derivation for elongation To learn more about ELONGATION FORMULA you may go through the […]

What is D2/162 in Steel?

There are a lot of students who want to the answer for the question of what is D2/162. This is a special content for all those students who want to the answer for this question. As we know that weight of steel bar per meter = Volume of steel x Density of steel Weight of […]