Elongation In Engineering | Steel Elongation Formula

This construction video tutorial focuses on the following topics :- a. Finding out the elongation of bar as soon as the load is applied b. The elongation of a steel rod under a specific load c. The source from which the formula for elongation is derived Elongation stands for a mechanical property of metal i.e. […]

Lap Length Of Reinforcement Bars | How To Calculate Lap Length Of Bar

Development length and lap length are two vital parts of reinforcement. But there are some basic differences among development length and lap length. While going to arrange the steel in RC structure, if the necessary length of a bar is unavailable to produce a design length then lapping is essential. Lapping occurs because of overlapping […]

Calculation Length Of Spiral Curve | Spiral Length Equation

Spiral bars are frequently applied in round columns, piers and piles. Therefore, it is necessary to know the process efficiently for defining the cutting length of a spiral bar or helix bars as well as measuring the quantities. Spiral bars are generally utilized in round columns as they perform in a superior manner as compared […]

Design Strength Of Concrete | Characteristic Strength Of Concrete

In this construction video tutorial, one can gather knowledge on groups of concrete, grades of concrete, mix ratios of concrete and characteristic compressive strength in N/mm2. Compressive strength or compression strength refers to the capability of a material or structure to bear up loads in an effort to minimize size, as against tensile strength, which […]

Asphalt Calculation Formula | Asphalt Tonnage Calculation

In this construction tutorial video, one can learn in detail how to work out asphalt in highways located at hill areas. In this video a solution is given to the following problem :- Problem : Compute asphalt in tons for a specified highway. The breadth of the highway is given as 8 meter, the thickness […]

Pouring Concrete Foundation In Rain | Concrete Pouring In Rain

It becomes difficult to pour or lay concrete throughout rain. In this construction article, you will get some useful suggestions on how to pour concrete in rainy season. Concrete is a blending of various construction materials like cement, aggregate, water and admixture, etc. The quality of concrete is greatly impacted by it’s strength that is […]

Concrete Grades And Mix Ratio | Mix Design Of Concrete

This construction video tutorial is created on Concrete Mixes. Various topics like categories of mixes, purpose for using mixes. Fundamental types of the concrete mix range from nominal mix, standard mix and design mix. There are different types of grades for concrete mixes like M5, M7.5, M10, M15, M20, M25, M30, M35, M40, M45, M50, […]