Asphalt Calculation Formula | Asphalt Tonnage Calculation

In this construction tutorial video, one can learn in detail how to work out asphalt in highways located at hill areas.

In this video a solution is given to the following problem :-

Problem : Compute asphalt in tons for a specified highway. The breadth of the highway is given as 8 meter, the thickness of the asphalt is given as 15 cm and its chainage is approx. 7+10 KM (Chainage stands for a fictional line that is utilized to workout distance, usually appear as the centre of a straight road). The density of the asphalt to be used is 2400 kg/cu.m.

Solution :

Weight of asphalt = Volume x Density of asphalt

Volume is determined by using the following formula :-

V = Length x Breadth x Thickness

= {(7×1000)+100} x 8 x 0.15 (Here, kilometer is converted to meter and centimeter is converted to meter)
= 7100 x 8 x 0.15
= 8520 m3

So, weight of asphalt = Volume x Density of asphalt = 8520 x 2400 = 20448000 kg/1000 (Convert it to ton) = 20448 Tons

Video Courtesy: SL Khan

How to compute asphalt in road highways in hill areas