Graphic Standards Everyone Should “Read” and Understand

  Having an architectural drawing in front of you means you should know something about “Graphic Standards Everyone Should “Read” and Understand”. Some symbols are obvious and everyone can understand what does it refer to: stairs, walls.. but, there are some symbols and other graphic elements we can’t understand what they mean. That’s why is […]

Different Types of Formwork found in the Construction Site

Formwork in the construction is very needed element which gives the proper structure to the needed element. Construction workers are making the structures excellent planned, developed and made by the help of ready made formwork. It can be made of different materials as wood and plastic, but also and from steel and other materials.   […]

Bending Moment Presented in a Video which Explain it Very Well

Bending moment is a category in the engineering meaning a subsitute for a force. Actually, the bending moment is not only in the engineering, but also in many situations in life present. A bending moment by definition is the reaction induced in a structural element when an external force or moment is applied to the element […]

Reinforcement Illustrations made in 3D Showing Best Angles

Reinforcement illustrations we found and share with you today are the best on the net made in 3D. Despite the different reinforcement tools appear today, we must acknowledge which computer software to use. Some forms are inefficient  in 3D and some seem straight out impossible. This is mostly due to the confession that a single […]

5 Steps Of Load Pathway For Concrete Structures

Load types on building: Loads that are implemented on a structural element can differ between numerous categories and figures. Loads can be of various types. It can be dead loads, containing both the self weight and covering material. It can be live loads similar to the human being load on a slab, wind loads which […]

Suspension Bridge And Its Usages

There are different kinds of bridges in the whole construction world. One of them is suspension bridge which refers to a bridge that includes its deck suspended through suspension cables, which generally covers towers and firmly at the ends. Subsequently the deck is fixed with vertical suspenders connected with the suspension cables having a catenary […]

Learn The Ways To Use Fixed Beam Bending Moment Calculator

This free online calculator is developed to provide a software tool for calculation of Fixed-end Moments (FEM) , and Shear Force at any section of fixed-ended beam subjected to point load, uniformly distributed load, varying load and applied moments. Lessons to use Fixed Beam Calculator: Sign convention The loads which are moving to upper direction […]

How To Design Rectangular Beam – Step By Step Tutorial

In this tutorial session we will be learning the design process of a rectangular beam. Basically the main task that is associated with a structural engineer is the analysis and design of structures. There are two approaches available of design and analysis as follows: Design of a section : It indicates that the external ultimate […]