Asphalt Calculation Steps For Highway

Highway engineering is an important part of civil engineering that involves the planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of roads, bridges, and tunnels to ensure safe and effective transportation of people and goods. In this tutorial the asphalt calculation of highway comes in three different parts. Study the following videos carefully to learn the step […]

Plumbing Questions can be Solved Quickly and Cheap

Plumbing problems occur suddenly after a short period of time signs that we often ignore. When we decide to do something about the small leaking we saw in the kitchen or in the bathroom, usually its too late. Than we mus call a plumber, we must change the damaged element, to pay for both. But, it […]

The Importance of Quality Site Analysis Diagrams

Before every construction starts there are a lot of preparations required. The site analysis is one of them too. It shows many segments of the natural events that touch and seriously influence of the future building. The sun is the main element of the quality site analysis. It shows the angle that the building would […]

Important Methods for Floor Construction

The use of joists, studs, rafters and plates are constructing the platform framing of every ordinary floor. There are many methods known in the construction for building floors and all of them has different layers, path that keeps the floor building in some method. So, we can mention: Platform Framing and Foundation, Platform Framing and Upper Floors, Balloon […]

Revit Software Offers Many Tools for Modeling Reinforcement Concrete

Revit software is what many architects and especially engineers use particularly as a tool for modeling concrete reinforcement.  Revit software is offering various tools useful for 3D modelling of the concrete reinforcement in a cutting-edge Building Information Modeling (BIM) surrounding. For complete, comprehensive, and precise reinforcement designs there are many tools optimized and helpful for the process of […]

Stair Calculator that will Help any Engineer or Curious Homeowner

The stairs as they are the best decor in home’s hall, are very interesting building challenge. Depending of the height, frequency of use in future and other parameters, the architects and engineers should decide the right stair type and construction. Making the right choice and exact measurements will bring stable, strong and functional staircase that […]

Bamboo is the Best Alternative to Steel Reinforcement

A steel-reinforced concrete, is so much needed material in the countries in a development. But, many of the do not have it and is very expensive and too much needed to buy or produce it. But, in order to be saved such a crises the Laboratory of Future Cities in Singapore suggested the bamboo as a […]

Helpful Road Cross Section Information

The road observed as a cross section shows the mystery of holding all that weight (Helpful Road Cross Section Information). Above the natural soil and the sub grade are the layers of drainable aggregate rock base, asphalt base, asphalt binder, polymer asphalt binder, polymer asphalt surface course. These layers are regularly set in this order […]

Tips About Highway Superelevation Design

Superelevation is actually the amount by which the outer edge of a curve on a road or railroad is banked above the inner edge (Tips About Highway Superelevation Design). This is the most important point when the highway is constructed and designed. The vehicles that will use the road need to be safe even they […]