How To Arrange Bar Bending Schedule For RCC Beams

This construction video tutorial is based on BAR BENDING SCHEDULE FOR RCC BEAM. From bar bending schedule, one can get the reinforcement calculation for reinforced concrete beam. It gives us details of reinforcement cutting length, type of bends and bend length.   In this construction video, solution is given for two beams having spans of […]

Variation among development bars and over lapping length in steel bars

This construction video focuses on the variations among development length Ld and over lapping length in steel bars which are applied in construction site. Development Length plays an important role in structural design. This type of problem is often found in Civil Engineering Exam. The students often mess up dia bar (represented as db) with […]

Forming BBS Of Staircase with Autocad Assistance

Forming BBS (Bar Bending Schedule) is a practical method for making a staircase using Autocad. On the other hand this is the most useful software used in civil engineering.  Stair Reinforcement Details are briefly described in the video bellow. This is highly recommended video for all interested to learn this. From here on you may […]