Variation among development bars and over lapping length in steel bars

This construction video focuses on the variations among development length Ld and over lapping length in steel bars which are applied in construction site. Development Length plays an important role in structural design.

This type of problem is often found in Civil Engineering Exam. The students often mess up dia bar (represented as db) with development length.

A development length refers to the amount of rebar length that is essential for being implanted or projected into concrete to produce the necessary bond strength among the two materials as well as form essential stress in steel at that section. Development length is defined as the L shaped leg assigned to a bar. Development length is also demonstrated as Anchorage length.

Lap length stands for the length of the overlap of bar necessary to transmit stress from one bar to another securely. Lap length varies either tension and compression zones and primarily is based on grade of concrete and steel.

Lap length term is applied while connecting another bar to a prevailing bar and is generally indicated as 60D for Horizontal bars and 45D for vertical bars.

Go through the following video to learn how to variation among development bars and over lapping length in steel bars.

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