Exclusive Excel Sheets the Structural Engineering Use

Using Excel is very helpful in any engineering industry because of its possibilities to make automated calculations, arranging big amounts of data, providing crucial analysis information with the help of conditional formatting and/or automated charts and graphs. This computer program is very important and wide used in structural engineering. An average structure contains numerous structural members. […]

Truss Analysis of the Method of Joints System Video

The main function of the trusses is to support roof, strengthen bridges, or support towers. They are developed for sustaining loads. Generally they are built with long, straight members associated with joints at the end of each member. Jeff Hanson shows the method of joints system in order how to discover a zero force member for […]

Great Amount of Exemples for Needed Beams Formulas

When math is in question people are having a lot of troubles and even rejection. The construction in meanwhile is dealing to all shapes that appears in their projects and are calculation all needed values for their purpose. They use a lot of formulas that people learn at school and probably never or very rare […]

Simple and Beautiful Design made of You and Your Time

Creating a lovely design of flooring on the bathroom on any place you need, can be made with a lot of love and dedicated work. The small stones with smooth surface can be used from the nature as a lovely mosaic on the floor and excellent decoration in your home interior or outdoor, in the […]

Kitchen Standards in Accordance with the NKBA Guidelines

Good planning of the space of the kitchen will avoid those situations when the appliance doors bump into cabinet doors, or an island so close to the wall that it can’t be used for dining. Those and many more situations are what makes people nervous and mad at people who were planning and developing the […]

Full House Plan Offering Simplicity and Functionality

House in Khimki (Ximki-house) in Russia is presenting here the full plan for its construction. It is a great project by Sboev3 Architect who made this plan very popular by its functionality and simplicity it offers. All the beauty here is the simple facade, excellent home arrangement and wonderful plan for making all elements compact […]

Contemporary Facade and Modern Home Plan

1600 sq.f. are the area which can be used for building a spectacular house with contemporary look like the project bellow.  The house offers three bedrooms located on the first level where is a living room area also, and two bathrooms. The ground level is huge living space with kitchen and dining room, toilet and […]