Kitchen Standards in Accordance with the NKBA Guidelines

Good planning of the space of the kitchen will avoid those situations when the appliance doors bump into cabinet doors, or an island so close to the wall that it can’t be used for dining. Those and many more situations are what makes people nervous and mad at people who were planning and developing the project for their home and kitchen also. There are NKBA guidelines for every kitchen space that will maximize safety and functionality in every home kitchen.

Door: A doorway should be at least 32 inches wide.

Door Interference: No entry door should interfere with appliances, nor should appliance doors interfere with one another.

Distance Between Work Centers: In a kitchen with three work centers*, the sum of the distances between them should total no more than 26 feet. No leg of the work triangle should measure less than 4 feet nor more than 9 feet. When the kitchen includes additional work centers, each additional distance should measure no less than 4 feet nor more than 9 feet. No work triangle leg should intersect an island or peninsula by more than 12 inches…











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