Calculate the quantity of concrete in staircase

This is another informative video presented by the Learning Technology. One will be familiar with the detailed process for estimating the concrete volume quantity of staircase. The process is very complicated to find out the concrete volume for a staircase. But it can be done easily if you use AutoCAD. Here the staircase has two […]

How to calculate quantity of plaster for a wall

Get some useful construction tips for finding out the quantity of plaster for a wall. Here, the length of the wall is taken as 6 meter, height is taken as 3 meter and thickness is taken as 12 mm = 0.012 meter. To work out the quantity of plaster, the following formula is used :- […]

How to calculate weight of steel

Steel refers to an alloy of iron and other elements, mainly carbon, that is extensively applied in construction and other applications due to its extreme tensile strength and marginal cost. The carbon content of steel varies from 0.002% and 2.1% by weight for plain iron–carbon alloys. Variations in values are based on alloying elements like […]