Groundfridge For Cooling Without Electricity

Groundfridge is an amazing invention that you will surely want to own. This fridge does not use any electricity, it uses the ground and stays cool. So, it is economical and eco-friendly. Generally, the idea is to dig a hole into your garden or yard, make it circular. Afterwards, you can order this invention and […]

What Is An Isolated Footing?

There are different types of foundation based on no. of a factor. The isolated footing is one of the most popular and simplest types of foundation used worldwide. Foundations are very important to the building. Ultimately the entire load of the building is transferred to ground through the foundation. Isolated footings are most commonly used […]

Daily Work Report Template

Daily work report template is available here to assist workers when making a day-by-day work progress report. Regardless of whether you are an independently employed or working in an organization as an employee, you have to keep daily work reports or create them often to keep record of all the tasks done by you during […]

Geometric Shapes In Bridges | Bridge Construction

Here is a brief description of four kinds of bridges and its geometry: The beam or truss bridge is, to all intents and purposes, a pair of beams backing a deck covering the gap between two pillars. A beam has to endure both compression and tension, the first one (compression) is in its upper parts […]

How to Calculate Quantity of Bricks in Building

This construction video tutorial presented by Sami Ullah, the renowned civil engineer, will guide you to how to calculate quantity of bricks in building. Length of long wall = 3.5+3.5+0.30+0.30×2 = 15.2m Length of short wall = 3×4.30 = 12.9m Total length of wall = 28.1m Now we have calculated deduction of Windows, Doors and […]