Calculate Weight Of Steel In Column | Steel Weight Calculator

This construction video provides valuable tips for estimating weight of steel for column. Here, the calculation is made on the basis of a previous column diagram. The dimension of the column = 300 mm x 300 mm = 0.3 meter. The height of the column is 3 meter.

If, these 3 dimensions are multiplied with each other, the value obtained for the concrete of this column will be 0.27 m3.

Given below, the detailed percentage of reinforcement steel usually essential for various components. It’s value can differentiate from structure to structure.

For beam = 2% concrete volume
For Slab = 1% of concrete volume
For Column = 2.5% of concrete volume
For RCC Roads = 0.6% of concrete volume

Watch the video to get the full details.

Learn the process for estimating weight of steel for column