Quantity Of Sand | Quantity Of Cement In A Brick Wall

This construction video provides some useful guidance for estimating the number of bricks, quantity of sand and quantity of cement in a brick wall.

Here, you have to make assumptions on the following components :-

Mortar ratio is taken as 1:6 i.e. one part cement and 6 part sand.

The density of mortar is taken as 10 mm.

Volume of 1-brick devoid of mortar is taken as .19 x .09 x .09 = 0.001539 m3

Volume of 1-Brick including mortar is taken as .20 x .10 x .10 = 0.002 m3

Constants are taken as :-

Density of cement = 1440 kg/m3

1 m3 = 35.3147 ft3

This will be used for finding out the quantity of sand.

Notes :-

While going to calculate the quantity of bricks, the consideration should be given on the following points :-

  • Density of the wall to be developed
  • Amount of openings
  • Amount of detail in the wall ie: Decorative panels, Dentilation or Dogtooth String Courses

The rule of thumb for calculating the number of bricks is to compute the total area of your building to be clad with brickwork, for each square meter. Just multiply it with 60. Therefore, for any 6 meters long wall with 2 meters height as well as a square area of 12 meters, the total numbers of bricks required are 720.

Please include 10% wastage because of transport or just shifting bricks around the project, some bricks become quite fragile.

Watch the following video, to learn the complete process

Video Courtesy : TECH@7K

calculate the number of bricks, quantity of cement & sand in a brick wall