How To Design Circular Reinforced Concrete Column | Reinforced Concrete Column Design

Few days ago, engineer SL khan nicely demonstrated about the details of designing a square shaped reinforced concrete column with the help of the ACI codes.

In today’s session of learning the author brought to you the most recent details on the topic of designing a circular shaped reinforced concrete column. This exclusive design is performed by the presenter on the basis of the ACI codes too.

Aim of this tutorial

The principle of this tutorial lies in designing a circular tie column to support an axial dead load of 250 kip and an axial live load of 305 kip. First of all, the design begins with 2% Ast also fc’ = 4ksi , fy = 60 ksi .

Inside the provided video below you will find the solution of the column design. Basically the solution has been gone through in six steps which are described below:

1. By determining design axial load = pu.

2. Reinforcement ratio should not be less than 1% not more than 8%.

3. Measure the section size or gross area = Ag.

4. By the help of gross area calculate quantity of reinforcement = Ast.

5. Concrete cover should be assumed as 1.5 in.

6. Finally, perform a detailing check.

The Solution

Video Courtesy : SL Khan

Design of a circular reinforced concrete column