Rebar Software For Detailing Steel Bars | RebarWin – Rebar Detailing Software

RebarWin is a useful software for rebar detailing. This software program provides huge benefits to the rebar detailers who deal with construction and civil engineering projects. The main features of RebarWin are: • Produces sorted, weighed and accumulated bar lists. • Prints labels to attach it with the rebar bundles. • Supports Imperial, SoftMetric and […]

Steps and Examples of Concrete Mix Design

Concrete mix design is the method in which the correct components of concrete and its respective amounts are chosen in a way so that the concrete can provide the needed strength, durability and toughness. The overall performance of the concrete mix design relies on its two characteristics: plastic and hardened status. Plastic concrete mix design […]

Parametric Design that Will Blow Your Mind

Parametric design is the process of combining the algorithmic thinking with the art expressions. Generally, you take the parameters and combine their relationship in order to get the design intent and response. As you can see on the pictures, all of the designs are extremely whimsical and mesmerizing. They all have or mimic the 3D […]

Concrete Mix Design App | Concrete Mixing Apps

Concrete Mix Design app is very beneficial for all the civil engineers, structural engineers and contractors those who are associated with engineering industry. This app is working as a calculator by which engineers can calculate the materials proportion into the concrete mix. Usage Detail : This app accurately calculates the amount of cement, water cement, […]

Concrete Strength Test | Concrete Testing

This construction video tutorial will teach you the process for validating the comprehensive strength of concrete cube. Generally, we arrange various types of cubes for casting in the site. Then we check these cubes for 7 days, 14 days, 21 days, 28 days for finding out the exact percentage of comprehensive strength. Compressive strength of […]

How to calculate various parts of horizontal circular curve

n this construction video tutorial, S.L. Khan, the renowned civil engineers, gives brief lectures on how to define various parts of horizontal circular curve ranging from road curve, railway track curve or other structure curve. By going through this tutorial, you will gather knowledge on curve length, curve chord length, tangent length, mid ordinate, apex […]

MasterRC Pile Cap Designer Will Help You with Pile Caps

MasterRC pile cap designer is extremely helpful with the designing, calculating, and analyzing of these elements. It spans between one to nine piles that are shaped regularly. Generally, this software is easy to use and it is interactive as it immediately displays every change that you make in the process of designing. Therefore, you immediately […]