How to verify if the column can support the applied load or force

In this construction video some useful tips are provided to verify whether the column can support the applied load.

In the video, the solution is given for the following problem

question : – Can the given mild steel column bear 1500 kips load?

if the column is 8ft long, 10 x 10 in as section and it is developed with steel (A36) at both ends of column as hinged or pinned.

The mild steel is globally recognized form of steel. It is applied extensively. It can be cut to size and altered to adapt easily if necessary.

Mild steel refers to a carbon steel. It generally contains a maximum of 0.25% Carbon and 0.4%-0.7% manganese, 0.1%-0.5% Silicon and some other components like phosphorous. It also includes lead (free cutting mild steel) or sulphur (again free cutting steel called re-sulphurised mild steel)

Mild steel contains powerful strength and can be bent, worked as well as welded into an boundless variability of shapes to be applied with vehicles (like cars and ships) to building materials.

To know the detailed process, go through the following video.

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