Why Plastic Elements are used in Concrete Cover?

The use of reinforced concrete with steel rebar is increased after the invasion of environment factors on the constructions (Why Plastic Elements are used in Concrete Cover?). There is a need for concrete cover between the distance of the surface of concrete to the first level of bar. That is called Armator and is main parameter for comparison of the quality of concrete. The excision and corrosion of bar surface passing  subsequently push out and corrode the concrete. Oxidation and destruction will be next steps and continuation in fast and solidarity of concrete structure to greatly reduce as in every 2 mm reduction on the concrete cover, can reduce the life of concrete structure for 10 years.

These plastic spacers provide a sufficient space with a signification role in the life of concrete structure. These spacers can have compatible material that goes with the concrete, special design, reasonable price in shapes, convenient transportation, different types and sizes which are used for applications such as foundation, roofs, walls, columns and etc…






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