Geometry in the Stair Designs

Stairs can make a huge difference in the interior. They can add soul, dynamism and beauty in the interior design, making it more pleasant place for living (Geometry in the Stair Designs). Geometry is inspiring many people and so designers and engineers and other manufacturer who build staircases. In fact, geometry can make incredible forms […]

DIY Adding Glass Flooring With Pebble in Your Home

The most important thing is that you need to know how to lay the pebbles. Mix grout to proper consistency then cover the pebbles (DIY Adding Glass Flooring With Pebble in Your Home).  Apply the grout between the empty space on the pebbles.                          

Common problems of concreting and how to avoid them

For producing high quality concrete you should take control of problems which are commonly occurred during concreting. These problems mainly happen for improper mixing, placing and handling. Some problems also happen due to weather effect and other reasons. These problems have major impact on strength and duration of concrete First you should know about  the […]

Formula (d^2/162) for calculation of per meter weight of rebar derived

To find : weight of steel per metre. Since the formula to be derived is d^2/162, assumed cross section is circular and the material is cylinder. Weight density of steel = 7850 kg/m^3. Rod Number Rod Size (in) Rod Weight (lb per linear foot) 2 0.250 = 1/4″ 0.17 3 0.375 = 3/8″ 0.38 4 […]

Foundation Structural Design (AutoCad file download)

  Foundation is a part of structure which interfaces the superstructure to the adjacent zone of soil or rock below it. The purpose of having a foundation is to transfer the superstructure loads to the underlying soil or rock without overstressing the soil or rock. Placing the footing at a sufficient depth that the soil […]

Collection of Autocad Plans

  Collection Autocad Plans House plan, structural plan, Ranch House Plans, Craftsman House Plans, Modern House Plans, Luxury House Plans, 1 1/2 Story House Plans, Acadian House Plans,Bungalow House Plans ,Cape Cod House Plans,Concrete Block / ICF House Plans,Cottage House Plans, Country House Plans,Duplex & Multi-Unit House Plans,Farmhouse House Plans, Florida Style House Plans,Garage Plans […]

Do’s & Don’ts While Concreting

Concrete consists of different materials, which have different functions .The properties of concrete depends on the particular mixture of constituents. The basic constituents used to make concrete are cement, lime, water and aggregate. Do’s 01. Do hire an experienced contractor for successful concreting operation. 02. Also see that the main/general contractor hire good skilled sub/labour contractor […]


8 Factors that Affect the Workability of Fresh Concrete

Lubricating nature of workable concrete is the most important nature. Workability is dependent on the proportion of the constituent material as well as on their individual characteristics. The factors that affect the workability of concrete are given below: 01. Water Content of the Concrete Mix Water content will have important influences on the workability in […]

Concrete Mix Design Excel Sheet

  Concrete Mix Design Mix Design It is a process of selecting suitable ingredients and determining their relative proportions with the objective of producing concrete of having certain minimum workability, strength and durability as economically as possible. Requirements of concrete mix design The requirements which form the basis of selection and proportioning of mix ingredients are : a […]

Calculate Steel Reinforcement and its quantity in Slab, Beams, Columns and Footing

RCC drawings so that you can find out the following values from the drawing : Length of the element : Cross section: No of bars Type of bars Spacing between the bars. Lap length ( horizontal/vertical) Development length Covers for footing/column/beam/slab. 2. Calculate the cutting length of the bars. ( total length – covers on […]