How to measure the quantity of asphalt in road construction

This construction video shows the detailed process for measuring the quantity of Asphalt in road.

Asphalt belongs to a blend of aggregates, binder and filler. It is mainly applied for developing and preserving all kind of roads, parking areas as well as play and sport areas. Various types of aggregates like crushed rock, sand, gravel or slags are utilized as mixtures of Asphalt. A binder is applied with the purpose of fastening the aggregates into a solid mixture. Generally, bitumen is utilized as a binder. An average asphalt pavement comprises of the road structure over the formation level that contains unbound and bituminous-bound materials. So, the loads of the traffic are dispersed through the pavement earlier it reaches to the formation level. Generally, pavements are formed with different layers.


Here, the dimensions of the road are given as follow :-

Breadth = 8 meter
Depth of the road = 15 centimeter
Length = 2 km = 2000 meter
Therefore, the volume of asphalt = L x B x W = 2000 x 8 x 0.15 (15 cm = 0.15 m) = 2400 m3


Here, density of asphalt is taken as 2330 kg/m3
Therefore, quantity of asphalt = volume of road section x density of asphalt
= 2400 x 2330 = 559200 kg = 5592 tons (dividing by 1000)

Go through the following video, to get the detailed process. Video Credit : Civil Engineers



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