Estimating sheet for road construction

Terrain and soil conditions, road standards, machine and labor costs etc. are considered as the prime factors which can change the road construction cost significantly. Besides, the skills of the associated operators and labors are also affected. As the road construction systems are identical all through the globe, one can effortlessly develop rational cost estimates as soon as the prime conditioning factors are recognized, with the use of the figures obtained from the same type of road construction projects.

With the aim of simplifying your task in figuring out forest road costs and for reasons of comparing costs, it is suggested to break up labor and machine costs into their diverse elements in the following manner.

(i) Surveying, staking the alignment and clearing right of way
(ii) Formation of the road

(iii) Rock blasting
(iv) Drainage facilities (ditching, culverts)
(v) Crushing gravel
(vi) Gravelling, grading and compacting
(vii) Construction and environment protection works (bridges, retaining structures and soil stabilization works). The cost of construction of these is not dealt with in this paper.
(viii) Miscellaneous work (such as transport, delivery and minor earth works)
(ix) Project servicing costs

As soon as all the costs are measured toward the various elements, unit costs (costs per m, per m3, per piece of construction work) should be arranged to make the process easy for estimating costs in forthcoming road projects and for comparative purposes.

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