Detailed process for mixing concrete in a concrete mixer machine

This construction video shows some useful construction tips on how to blend concrete with use of a mixer machine.

To develop the mix, the following ingredients are used :-

Cement CEM || 32, 5R
Sand 0 mm/5 mm
Rock/Pebbles – 5mm /15 mm
Concrete Mixer – 125L
Wheelbarrow – 90L
Seals – 10L

Ratios of the ingredients :-

Cement – 1 seal, Sand – 1,75 seals, Rock – 2,25 seals, Water – 0,5 L

At first put water and then required quantities of rocks and wait for 30/60 seconds, then put sands and again wait for 30/60 seconds, then put cement and finally water (0, 3L).




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