Verity 1.0 is the newest software to verify the accuracy of the new construction against design/fabrication models

ClearEdge3D has launched a newest software alias Verity 1.0 to examine the correctness of new construction toward design/fabrication models which facilitate general contractors to get good perception into their construction projects. The software evaluates laser scan point cloud data concerning the as-built construction toward the design/fabrication models, recognizing inconsistencies, missing elements or other prospective expensive construction errors. The modified data and rectified model can be exported to Navisworks for as-built conflict resolution and further examination.

Substandard constructed and out-of-tolerance work cause major issues in the construction industry, generally impacting 5 percent of a project’s cost. Verity is specifically designed to considerably minimize this financial effect by detecting issues before the starting of the construction process in order to resolve or remove the issues for keeping the schedules or future work unaffected.

Verity is a robust new tool that facilitates the users to recognize what’s really going on in the jobsite. Verity can easily re-coordinate the correct as-built.

Verity reduces the gap for delivering the BIM to the jobsite. Verity will turn out to be an indispensable part of the new BIM construction workflow.

The software offers strong reporting capabilities which facilitate the firms to convey the Verity results in HTML or PDF to all project stakeholders. The upcoming version of Verity will offer integrated additional platforms for Tekla, Solibri, Revit and others.

Verity offers exclusive risk management data over the whole construction project. It also share that data with all project stakeholders in their indigenous platforms


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