All-composite superstructures for accelerated bridge construction

Recently, a main concern in bridge engineering had been the rehabilitation and reconstruction of deteriorated bridge members. Accelerated bridge construction (ABC) can overcome the shortcomings of traditional construction methods, which are typically labor-intensive and time-consuming. ABC can minimize disruption to public communities and save indirect costs associated with detouring traff c. Concrete members prefabricated in […]

Reinforcement Columns

Consider a column with cross section 300×300. This is the smallest allowable column section when seismic behavior is required. It is reinforced with 4 longitudinal bars and one stirrup. The cross section described is not generally used but it was chosen in this introductory paragraph for training purposes. The column has a length of 2.70 […]

Kitchen Details To Know Before Construction

Making the kitchen a functional part of the home needs a lot! A lot of planning, a precise construction while building and more precise arranging at the end(Kitchen Details To Know Before Construction). The functional elements need precise dimensions where to be installed so they work properly.   Source