Ultrasonic Testing of Concrete

Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity (UPV) is an effective non-destructive testing (NDT) method for quality control of concrete materials, and detecting damages in structural components. The UPV methods have traditionally been used for the quality control of materials, mostly homogeneous materials such as metals and welded connections. With the recent advancement in transducer technology, the test has […]


CONCRETE CLOTH-FABRICATING A SOLID FUTURE Ever wondered if we could mould the concrete according to our wish without worrying about the mess? What if even after short circuit the structure won’t catch fire? How about the roads are built or patched in an hour without creating much hassle to the public? These scenarios are going […]

Foam Can Raise Thousands Of Pounds Of Concrete Easily

With advanced flow of technology construction techniques is improving day by day. And here you will find another burning example of it The technique is called mudjacking or slabjacking that is used to elevate and level concrete. This new foam technique has been developed by Foundation Works. Polylevel can raise thousands of pounds of concrete […]

Aggregates for Concrete

The importance of using the right type and quality of aggregates cannot be overemphasized. The fine and coarse aggregates generally occupy 60% to 75% of the concrete volume (70% to 85% by mass) and strongly influence the concrete’s freshly mixed and hardened properties, mixture proportions, and economy. Fine aggregates (Fig. 5-1) generally consist of natural […]

Calculate the quantity of concrete in staircase

This is another informative video presented by the Learning Technology. One will be familiar with the detailed process for estimating the concrete volume quantity of staircase. The process is very complicated to find out the concrete volume for a staircase. But it can be done easily if you use AutoCAD. Here the staircase has two […]

Precast Concrete Advantages

In Precast concrete, a concrete member is casted and cured in a recyclable mold or “form” under a controlled environment and transmitted to the construction jobsite and elevated into place. On the other hand, the standard concrete is poured into site-specific forms and cured on site Precast concrete provides the following benefits 1. The precast […]

How to estimate materials for various ratio concrete

Mix design is commonly referred by mix proportion in a selective zone where same materials are used in concrete. Suppose, in Bangladesh, most of the structural designers refer concrete mix design as ratio in drawing. Because materials of same properties are used in all over the Bangladesh. The question is, How do we estimate materials […]

Specification Of Concrete Cover For Concrete Slab Design

Concrete cover for reinforcement is essential for safeguarding the rebar against erosion as well as fire. The depth of the cover is based on ecological conditions and type of structural member. The slightest thickness of reinforcement cover is specified in the drawings, or achieved from the related code of practice. The specifications for reinforcement cover […]