Useful software for civil engineers

These are the links to software’s which might be useful for civil engineers. If you think we have missed any software just send us an email using contact us form or write in the comment box. Our editors will review it and post it here as soon as possible. Geotechnical software GEO5 – package of […]

Innovative traffic interchanges help drivers avoid crashes, save lives

Studies from civil engineers determine safety, best practices for diverging diamond interchanges Overview of Diverging Diamond Interchanges, or DDIs, that divert drivers to the left side of the road prior to merging onto an interstate, freeway or highway. Credit: Carlos Sun The state of Missouri is a pioneer in adopting Diverging Diamond Interchanges (DDIs) named […]

Safety codes can lead to over-built bridges, higher building costs

Date:January 25, 2017 Source:University of British Columbia Okanagan campus Summary:Bridges built to meet current Canadian safety codes are being ‘overbuilt’ and may not withstand a major earthquake, says a new report. Student Peng Zhang traces cracks in the column during a strength test in UBC Okanagan’s Applied Laboratory for Advanced Materials and Structures. Credit: Image […]

Why Do Civil Engineers Test Compressive Strength of Concrete at 28 Days?

Use the below table to find out the compressive strength gained by concrete after a specified age in relation to the grade of concrete used. Viewing the table, you can discover that concrete gains 16 percent strength in one day, 40 percent in 3 days, 65 percent in 7 days, 90 percent in 14 days and 99 percent strength […]


Metamaterials — materials whose function is determined by structure, not composition — have been designed to bend light and sound, transform from soft to stiff, and even dampen seismic waves from earthquakes. But each of these functions requires a unique mechanical structure, making these materials great for specific tasks, but difficult to implement broadly. But […]

foster + partners selected to build luxury hotel complex in mecca

referencing the region’s vernacular architecture, foster + partners has revealed plans for a luxury hotel and serviced apartment complex in mecca. the competition-winning scheme reinterprets saudi arabia’s dense building clusters with a design that forms a gateway for pilgrims along the route to the grand mosque. mecca — also known as makkah — has seen […]