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At the beginning of each new kitchen plan is always a deep planning process(Important 6 Steps for Successful Kitchen Plan). We’ll be happy to help you and support you with lots of expert knowledge and useful planning tips. After all, your kitchen need to be beautiful but also practical!

  1. The architectural specifications such as size and cutting are the basis of every kitchen planning. You need paper, a pen and a measuring device to measure everything and compare with your wishes for the final look of the kitchen.
  2. The optimal distribution of the kitchen depends on the available space as well as on the ergonomic order of the three central kitchen zones: sink, stove and refrigerator. In general there are 5 kitchen types, which can be designed as desired:  Kitchen on one line, Two-line kitchen, Kitchen island / kitchen with cooking island, Corner kitchen, U-kitchen.
  3. The height should be oriented to the person who is the most active in the kitchen. Rule: The working height should be 15 cm below the elbow, the stove 5 cm lower and the sink 5 cm higher. The upper cabinets are usually mounted at a height of 50 cm above the working surface.
  4. It is worthwhile to integrate work areas and storage space into the planning in a timely manner, thus avoiding annoying mistakes.
  5. In the kitchen, the right kitchen accessories can not be missing. So make sure there are enough space for everything.
  6. Decide how you would like to plan it and “see”: with paper and pen, online with the 3D kitchen planner or together with a competent kitchen professional in a kitchen studio.







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