Guidance To Place Reinforcement In RCC staircase

In the following tutorial, you will learn the standard reinforcement placement of a straight staircase throughout construction of a building.

For stair construction, reinforced concrete is the most effective material among all other materials.

The benefits of RCC staircase are strong fire resistance capacity and can be designed for larger widths, longer extent as well as any height. They are very long lasting. Besides that, they do not require special maintenance and can stand any weather change.  In addition, you can build concrete stairs in a multitude of designs such as round, straight, spiral, etc. they also can be added marvelous finishes and decorations.They can be pre-cast or cast-in-situ and it can be molded in different forms.

Watch the following video tutorial and learn more

Video Source: Civil Engineering

Some useful guidance to place reinforcement in RCC staircase