Scott Pruitt Proposes Gutting Clean Water Act, Threatening Drinking Water of 117m Americans

Washington D.C. — On June 27, 2017, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt released a proposal to dismantle the Clean Water Rule (The Rule), also known as the “Waters of the United States (WOTUS).” Pruitt is following up on President Trump’s February Executive Order to formally reconsider the 2015 Obama-era version of The Rule. The regulation serves to protect “navigable” […]

Wall Plaster Calculator That Helps in Construction

Wall plaster is used to make out constructions more firm and prepared for painting or other decorative finishing. As every other thing in architecture or constructing, the amount of the wall plaster should be precisely calculated and correctly mixed. There is a tool online that helps you calculate the correct amount of materials. After the […]

10+ Badass Trees That Refuse To Die No Matter What

Trees have been around for about 370 million years, and as you can from these incredible pictures, there’s a good reason why they’ve survived for so long. Whether they’re growing in the middle of gale-force winds, on the tops of rocky platforms, inside concrete tunnels, or even growing out of each other, trees know how […]

Tiny House for Under $1,000

Looking for a tiny home of your dreams? You would like such a dwelling but are reluctant to spending much on it? We introduce you to the arched cabin! The standard 8 by 8 model can be yours for under $1,000 but if you want, there are larger sizes like 24 by 24. Not only […]

9 Design Fails That You Won’t Believe Are Real

#1 Faucet Designed By “Professionals”   #2 Poor Urban Planning   #3 This Wheelchair Access Leads to Stairs!   #4 This Counter Design Looks Like Poop…   #5 You Will Nearly Fall Everytime You Use These Stairs   #6 So Much Space for Pedestrians!   #7 Look to the Left of This Barbed Wire Gate   #8 Theft Prevention […]