How to Calculate Quantity of Bricks in Building

In this construction video tutorial, the renowned engineer Sajid provides some useful tips on how to calculate quantity of bricks in building.

In the video, the height of the wall is 11 feet, length of the wall is 14 feet and breadth of this wall is 9 inch. So first I want to find out volume for this one.

Volume: L x H x B

= 14×11 x9/12

= 14x11x0.75

= 115.5 feet3

So you can find out quantity of bricks-

Formula: 1350/100×115.5

= 1559.25 means 1560 bricks

You can find out quantity of bricks with mortar so use this one method:

Formula: 1400/100×115.5

= 1617 number of bricks

Watch the following video tutorial to get more information.

Video Source: Online Engineers