Basic Requirement Of A Building | Construction Requirement And Guidelines

The planning and construction of a building is undertaken on the basis of the following conditions :-

Strength and Stability – There should be proper arrangement for building to transmit the probable loads securely to the ground through it full lifecycle. Proper safeguard should be taken for designing various types of structural elements like slabs, beams, walls, columns and footing. All the structural components should be free from buckling, overturning and collapsing.

Dimensional Stability – The structural elements become instable due to extreme deformation that may lead to crack in walls, flooring etc. All the structural elements should have been designed in such a manner so that the allowable values mentioned in the codes should remain within limit.

Resilience to Dampness – Dampness in a building is a vital concern as it may endanger the life of the building. To get rid of dampness, proper precaution should be taken in planning and in the construction of the building.

Resistance to Fire: To maintain fire resistance capacity, the building should abide by the following basic needs mentioned in the codes:

• the structure should not be inflammable easily.
• there should be perfect building orientation to resist the scattering of fire quickly.
• to escape from fire, there should be ways of smooth access to depart from building rapidly.

Heat Insulation- A building should be properly oriented and designed to protect inside area from heat.
Sound Insulation – The planning for building should be done in such a manner to protect from outdoor and indoor noises.
Safeguard from Termite – Proper protection should be taken for buildings against termite.

Stability – Each and every element of the building should be stable enough.
Security against Burglary – This is the basic requirement that the owner of the building look forward to.
Lighting and Ventilation- To maintain a healthful life, there should sufficient natural light and ventilations.

Diffused light and good cross ventilation should be retained within the building.

Basic needs of a Building

Comforts and Amenities – Different types of units in the building should be perfectly grouped and incorporated ensuring the comfort and amenities of the user.