Dimensions that are Considered as Standard in Designing

Dimensions are an important part of planning and designing. Generally, all of the projects defer in size and shape. However, there are guidelines with proportions that are considered as a standard. Using these proportions, the work of the architects can be easier and faster. Also, these proportions are a result of a profound and thorough […]

Meaning of Queen Post Roof Truss?

Truss is principally a trident or arc designs frame utilized greatly in roof covering. Queen Post truss is described as an inclined roofing brace utilizing 2 upright tie posts joined within the tie beam and the joists. The woody queen post roof varies from a king-post truss in holding 2 wooden supports or perpendicular part […]

Brief explanation of Highway Geometric Design

Geometric Design   Geometric design can be defined as follow :- Geometric Design of highways takes care of the dimensions and layout of noticeable features of the highway. It meets the necessities of the driver and the vehicle which range from comfort, effectiveness and security. Perfect geometric design can allow minimization of accidents and their […]

Grade of Concrete | Concrete Grade Ratio | M10,M15,M20,M25

In this video you will learn about grades of concrete and it’s ratio. “Mixture proportioning refers to the process of determining the quantities of concrete ingredients to achieve the specified characteristics of concrete.” “The process of relative proportions of cement, sand, coarse aggregate and water, so as to obtain a concrete of desired quality also […]

Distance formula in land surveying

In this short construction video tutorial, one can learn the concept of distance formula and it’s usage in everyday life. Distance formula is applicable to find out the distance among two points (x1, y1 and x2, y2) in a coordinate plane if coordinate of both points are established. It is based on pythagoras theorem. The […]

Design Of Pier Beam

DESIGN OF PIER BEAM DATA: Length = 9.5m Breadth = 1.5m Depth = 1.5m = 20 N/ = 415 N/ Cover = 40mm   ANALYSIS: DL of super structure = 2140 kN (including bearings) Self weight of beam = 384.75 kN Design load = DL/2+LL = (2140 +384.75)/2+(0.382700) = 1529.78 kN Maximum moment on pier […]