Manual Beam Design

BEAM DESIGN 1.DATA L=3000mm Dead load=6KN/m Live Load=8KN/m Finished load=0.75KN/m Wall Support=230Mm Concrete grade=M20, Steel grade=fe415 2.EFFECTIVE SPAN OF BEAM: Effective Span =c/c of support = 3230 mm 3.SIZE OF BEAM: Effective depth=Span/12 =269.16mm , Say 270mm Breadth=1/2d =135mm Clear cover=25mm,Use 16 mm ø D=303 mm, Say 310 mm D=310mm d = 277mm, Say 280mm […]

How To Calculate Land Area At Site

This is another useful presentation from L & T – Learning Technology. In this construction video, he will teach you how to calculate land area at site. The Solution is Heron’s Formula: If there is a triangle having three sides (a, b and c), and if you know the measurement of the three sides, then […]

Staircase Parts | Staircase Riser | Staircase Tread

This is an exclusive construction video tutorial on staircase. The tutorial provides detailed information on the various parts included in staircase as well as basic conceptions about its design and depiction. A flight of stairs is generally described as an incessant series of stairs. It signifies the set of stairs among floors or the set […]

Standard Door Sizes For A Residential Buildings

This is another useful presentation from Sami Ullah. In this construction video, he will teach you about standard size of doors for residential buildings. Here, a table is given with various fields like type, location, shuttering size in (mm), masonry opening size in (mm). Shuttering size means the clear size of the shutter. If the […]

RCC Slab Roof Design Example

Concrete roof or slab is made waterproof by applying stabilised bitumen sheets.The floor is first cleaned and then some bitumen is sprinkled over the surface and then bitumen stabilised sheets are rolled over the surface and joined with other at edges by applying heat through gas torch. R.C.C slab roof 6mx3mx0.12m R.C.C work 1:2:4: in […]