5 Steps Of Load Pathway For Concrete Structures

Load types on building: Loads that are implemented on a structural element can differ between numerous categories and figures. Loads can be of various types. It can be dead loads, containing both the self weight and covering material. It can be live loads similar to the human being load on a slab, wind loads which […]

Suspension Bridge And Its Usages

There are different kinds of bridges in the whole construction world. One of them is suspension bridge which refers to a bridge that includes its deck suspended through suspension cables, which generally covers towers and firmly at the ends. Subsequently the deck is fixed with vertical suspenders connected with the suspension cables having a catenary […]

Free Download Bridge Design And Analysis Spreadsheets Essential For Bridge Engineering

There are many types of construction available in the construction industry; bridge construction is one of them. It is also a part of structural engineering. Bridge mainly builds on the basis of prior imaginary structure. There are also different kinds of bridges having different kind of structure. Structural engineers or bridge engineers often face difficulties […]

Download Various Kinds of Concrete Spreadsheets

Concrete is widely used in any form of construction to make the construction work more strong and durable. To include concrete in any form of construction is not an easy task though. Prior to include concrete in any construction worksite, there is a need of concrete measurement. To determine what kind of concrete and how […]

Types And Benefits Of Liquid Roofing

Liquid Roofing is the method of making a roof impervious to water by the liquid roof coating application. It is compatible with all sorts of roof, including flat, pitched, and domed. The concept of liquid roofing has come from the early 1800s, then a combination of natural bitumen with jute, straw, rag felt and other […]

Factors Influencing Permeability Of Concrete

Permeability is referred to the feature that regulates the rate of flow of a fluid into a penetrable solid. Permeability of Concrete: For performing hydration of cement about 38% of water by weight of cement is needed to fill the gel pores. If the water percentage exceeds 38%, then excessive water will result to unwanted […]