How To Prevent The Wastage Of Cement

To prevent wastage of cement, it’s important to do following things.

01. Always Have Separate Godown For Cement:

By no means never store cement with other products for instance fertilizer, gypsum based products or maybe food. A tiny quantity of contamination could have catastrophic effects on the overall performance of cement in mortars, plasters or concrete.Vice versa if cement bag gets split by accident then it can contaminate the food products, too. In addition, to govern moisture inside the godown, it should not be often opened.

Cement Bags Stored with Other Products and Foodstuff
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02. Always Keep Space Between External Wall and Stacked Cement:

Cement bags are stored and stacked in a godown or a ware houseconstantly preserve it free from the opportunity of any moisture or dampness coming in touch with them. Dampness or moisture can enter from the external walls and react chemically with cement. Because of that, a space of minimum 600 mm required between external wall and stacked cement.

03. Absolutely Never Stack Cement Bags Directly on the Floor:

To guard the cement bags against the dampness rising from the floor, it is good to keep the cement bags on a raised surface with an impermeable plastic sheet beneath.

Stack the cement bags on the wooden planks in this sort of wayso that it is approximately 150 mm to 200 mm above the floor.

Never Stack Cement Bags Directly On the Floor
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 04. It’s Important To Always Roll the Cement Bag Before Lifting:

Cement bags need to be rolled over before lifting. This motion loosens the consolidated cement inside the bags and decreases the possibility of bag splitting. further, this additionally permits for the underside of the bag to be checked for any damage prior to lifting, thereby keeping off additional damage to the bag.