Pipe Weight Calculation Formula | Learn How To Calculate Weight Of Pipe

In this article, we will briefly explain the method for computing the weight of a pipe made of iron.

1) Work out the entire cross sectional area of pipe.

2) Work out the entire volume of pipe with the following formula.
volume = total cross sectional area x length of pipe.

3) Work out the weight of pipe with the following formula.
weight of pipe = volume of pipe x unit weight of pipe materials.

The calculation for find out the weight of this cast iron pipe is made on the basis of the following dimensions :

Internal diameter of the pipe = 10 cm
External diameter of the pipe = 14 cm
Length of the pipe = 5 meters

As we know from the above formula :

Volume = cross sectional area x length
V = π (D2 – d2)/4 x L

After putting the values, we get the following :

V = π(0.142 – 0.102)/4 x 5 (covert centimeter to meter)
V = 0.0376991 cu.m
So, weight = 0.0376991 x 7200 (as unit of cast iron is equivalent to 7200 kg/m3)

Weight of pipe = 271.433 kg

Watch the video to learn more:

How to determine the weight of an iron pipe