Handheld Printer Prints on Concrete: First Printer of Its Type in the World!

EBS Ink-Jet Systems Handjet EBS-260. The next generation of portable ink-jet. This handheld printer is the first printer of this type in the world!

EBS Ink-Jet revolutionized hand-held coding when we introduced the HandJet EBS-250. Now our next-generation Handiet EBS-260 model provides reimagined features and functionality for even more innovative, portable coding.

Here’s what we’ve done:
• Doubled the unit’s print height to 32 dots @ up to 2.2w to provide one to four separate lines of code, plus increased the capacity of the ink cartridge to up to 200,000 characters in a 7×5 matrix
• Added an on-board, touch-screen controller to simplify on-the-fly adjustments
• Included built-in laser guidance for the precise positioning of messages
• Redesigned the unit’s hand grip for improved ergonomics and weight distribution

Reimagined Features

By doubling the available print height, the HandJet EBS260 is capable of printing detailed messages and images, including logos and 2D barcodes. And thanks to the unit’s narrow dot rows, up to four separate lines can be printed in a single, hand-held pass.

The HandJet EBS-260 uses a variety of quick-drying and application-specific inks: ethanol-, acetone- or MEK-based in different colors, UV legible, food-grade, and more.
Single- or multi-line messages from .276 to 2.2w high can be printed on both porous and non-porous substrates. It’s ideal for imprinting corrugated, paper, film, foil, glass. metal, lumber, concrete, and many other surfaces.

For near-effortless clean up and periodic maintenance, a handy cleaning cartridge can be installed in just seconds to ease the removal of ink and flush the system.

The HandJet EBS-260 also features an all-new, color touch-screen controller. The over 3.5”-diagonal, hardened screen enables the user to view the message being printed and various operational parameters.

The large, highly-readable screen makes it easy to adjust print parameters at the touch of a finger, ensuring optimum printing results without interupting work flow.

Also new is the HandJet EBS-260’s integrated guidance laser, which simplifies the handling of the unit by providing the operator with an easy-to-follow laser target for the exact positioning of the imprinted message.

Another feature that makes the slightly-over 3.5-lb. unit more user-friendly is its redesigned hand grip. We’ve improved the ergonomic contours of the grip to ensure that handling is comfortable and well-balanced.

In addition, the HandJet EBS-260 makes available a number of practical accessories to maximize the function of the unit. These include print stabilizers, guide wheels, scanners, handy carry bags and holsters, and a growing number of added options.

Reimagined Functionality

Even communicating with the HandJet EBS-260 is simpler and more versatile: choose from WiFi, Bluetooth or USB. In fact, the unit can be logged into an existing WiFi network and operated through the Firefox browser using the newest software versions of Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and/or Android.

Optical scanners or other input devices may be linked to the unit in order to enter variable data into a description field in real time. Texts that previously have been formatted on a PC can be transferred to a removable USB and copied into the unit via its built-in data manager.

Among its many software innovations, the HandJet EBS260 features a patent-pending function that measures the product or package to be imprinted. By simply scrolling the width of the object, the unit automatically calculates the available printing area and adjusts the size of the saved text to fit the space.

For more information on the reimagined HandJet EBS260, contact EBS Ink-Jet Systems.

Handjet EBS-260 Specifications

Touch-Screen: Color display, hardened glass; 3.54’ (9cm diagonal)
Nozzles: 32
Nozzle diameten 150 pm. optional 200 pm und 120 pm
Print image height: .276’ – 2.2’ (7-56 mm)
Minimum size of printed object: 1.57” (40 mm)
Working position: Any angle
Printer memory: 2 Gigabyte
Printing: Enables printing of multiple texts in successive lines
Memory blocks for projects: > 50,000 projects with up to 10.000 characters eadi
Graphics: Black & white PNG data can be imported (up to 32 dots in height)
TrueType Fonts installable: Yes
Special characters: National (diacritical) characters and graphics. 2D barcodes. warning and transport characters, Unicode and TrueType fonts
Variable fields: Date, time in any format: expiration date; ascendingldescending sequential numbers: universal counter
Timing: Synchronized with rotational speed of the lower stabihzer, or at intervals by an internal generator
Programming: V the built-in touch-screen, on the website of the specific unit using the Firefox browser, or via offhne editor (induded)
Special Function: Laser guidance for message positioning; automatic measuring of pnnt area on objects
Optional special functions: Master-Slave Bluetooth connection with input devices such as: scanner. Database functions. phpscript administration
Power supply: External power supply: 24V. 1 .25A
Operating time: Up to 16 hours operation with fully.charged battery at 68’F (20°C); automatic low-battery indicator
Recharging: Uses an external 24V, 1 .25A DC power pack
Ink: Cartridges; ethanol-, acetone- or ME K-based in various colors (to be specified when ordering)
Cartridge capacity: 6,7 ounces (200 ml); prints approx. 200.000. 7×5 dot-matrix characters
Internal working pressure: 4,4 to 5.8 psi (0.3 to 0.4 bar)
Operating temp: 41°F to 104F (5°C to 40°C)
Storage tamp: 32°F to 113°F (0°C to 45”C) — water-based ik:
14°F to 113F (-10°C to 45°C) — solvent based ink
Humidity: Up to 90% non-condensing
Weight:3641bs(1.65kg)with ink cartridge

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