How to Find Volume of a Slump Cone | Slump Cone Test

Today we are going to introduce an important chapter of quantity surveying. The chapter is about finding out the volume of a slump cone.

We all are aware of the fact that how much crucial a slump test is in the field of civil engineering. To learn more about this most important procedure go through the following article.

Procedure Of Slump Test On Concrete

The formula we will apply is as follows:

Formula for Slump Cone Volume Determination
volume = 𝑯/𝟑( 𝑨𝟏+𝑨𝟐 + √(𝑨𝟏 𝑨𝟐 ))

Here, A1 = top area
A2 = bottom area
H = height of the slump cone

how to find volume of a slump cone


Now focus on the tutorial here in the following lecture.