Cement And Sand Ratio For Plastering | Estimating Plastering Work

Wall Plaster Calculator is an effective online tool that can provide solution to your computation and conversion requirements.

This calculator facilitates to work out the quantity of cement and sand necessary for plastering a specified wall area. As soon as the quantities are determined, it becomes simpler to work out the cost with the existing rates in your area.

A sample calculation is done on the basis of the following assumptions:-

i) The mortar mix is 1:4 (cement:sand)
ii) The depth of plaster for wall interior is provided as 12mm and that of external side is 15mm
iii) Wastage of 15%

Before starting the plastering work, consideration should be given on the following points :-

• Cement Mortar Ratio for wall plastering 1:6
• Cement Mortar Ratio for ceiling plastering 1:4
• Plastering depth should not be in excess of 12-15 mm.

• It is suggested to use standard quality of cement & Sand
• Also, make sure that the measuring box is used (not head pan) for site mix

To make the calculation online, click on the following link everydaycalculation.com

Wall Plaster Calculator – A useful online tool for measuring plastering work