How To Calculate The Weight Of Steel Bar With Excel

After watching the video tutorial, by the eminent engineer S.L.Khan, you will get all information about how to determine the weight of steel bars by creating your own excel sheet.

You’ll have to apply the formula first, it is only necessary to enter diameter and length of bar and the excel will calculate the weight of that bar directly.

Now, we will explain the complete process for calculation :

1) Open your excel and write diameter in one cell, then write length of bar and weight in the next cells.

2) Provide the following formula in the cell right under that cell in which weight is already written and then press enter. Apply formula:

3) Now provide the value of diameter and length in the respective cells and press enter.

4) Now check the cell that is assigned for weight and result will be visible.

If you want to convert the measuring unit from KG to TON, just divide the formula (where measuring unit is given in KG) with 1000 i.e. =((C2^2)*(D2)/162.198)/1000

For more details, watch the video

Video Source: SL Khan

How to calculate the weight of steel bar with excel