How To Calculate Volume Of Concrete Retaining Wall

After reading this article you will know how to calculate a volume of the concrete retaining wall. It’s quite easy, just follow instructions and watch the video tutorial. A retaining wall is a structure designed and constructed to resist the lateral pressure of soil, when there is a desired change in ground elevation that exceeds […]

Bar Bending Schedule Calculation In Excel | BBS Basics Formulas

In the following article, we will explain the basics formula of bar bending schedule. By going through the following video, you can learn the tips to create and determine the steel cutting length. Bar bending schedule provides the reinforcement calculation for the reinforced concrete beam. It also provides details of reinforcement cutting length, type of bends, […]

DIY | Build A Built-In Roll-Out Bed

If you live in a tiny apartment, where the lack of space is a daily issue, you should check out this built-in roll-out bed.  It’s  perfect for everyone who doesn’t want to feel crowded in their own home. The cost of such a bed is around $200 this including the supplies and you can order […]