Concrete Quantity Calculations for the Staircase Construction

Concrete quantity calculation is the first step of the process of building a concrete staircase. People need to know how much of the needed materials should they buy so the construction would go without problems. But, this is a huge mathematical process, showing the dimensions of the stairs and the way they’re gonna be build. Only […]

Main Differences Between Architects and Civil Engineers

Architects and civil engineers work together to give the world a beautiful final product. Both professions are important in building this world and making it comfortable to live in. As we sit in our homes, safe and protected, we should appreciate this teamwork. But what is the difference between these two closely related professions? Main […]

Wall Plaster Calculator That Helps in Construction

Wall plaster is used to make out constructions more firm and prepared for painting or other decorative finishing. As every other thing in architecture or constructing, the amount of the wall plaster should be precisely calculated and correctly mixed. There is a tool online that helps you calculate the correct amount of materials. After the […]

Quantity Estimating of the Bricks, Sand, Cement for the Masonry

Quantity estimating of cement, sand for the mortar mixing and bricks for brick masonry is a process that can be very simplified. Proportion of mortar mix is considered as 1:6. Considerations that  the volume of brick masonry is 1 cubic meters. Knowing the brick size (190 mm x 90 mm x 90 mm) will help […]