Surveying Problem Solving with theory and objective type question – An exclusive ebook for surveyors

Surveying plays an important role in civil engineering. Each single operation of construction depends on survey, When you are developing pile foundation, you require a surveyor to spot and blueprint that pile consistent with the coordinates i.e. northing and easting along with chainage, reduced distance (RD) from a bench mark. In the same way the […]

Housing Tower Building DWG Free Download

Housing tower building A tower block, high-rise, apartment tower, residential tower, apartment block, block of flats, or office tower is a tall building or structure used as a residential and/or office building. In some areas it may be referred to as an “MDU”, standing for “Multi Dwelling Unit”.In the United States, such a structure is […]

Car Autocad 2d Blocks

Collection of autocad 2d blocks free download car in plan and elevation view CAD Blocks Landscape Design CAD Block,Keywords:landscape drawing,landscape design,best landscape,landscape architecture Dynamic blocks Block unit Color Layer Linetype Linetype scale Lineweight Material Name Object name Plot style Position Rotation Scale X Scale Y Scale Z Unit factor A dynamic block has flexibility and intelligence. […]